Wishing for a Year of Prosperity

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  • Article Date: 6/4/2018


Chinese New Year in Malaysia is usually celebrated with an array of good food and fanfare. Here at PETRONAS ICT, we are no different!

On 2 March 2018, about 550 members of the PETRONAS ICT family gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year and usher in the Year of the Dog at Wow KL Restaurant and Bistro. The event was one of PETRONAS ICT's annual traditions for its employees to reunite and socialise.

Customary to Chinese culture, the annual gathering started with the ceremonial lion dance blessing performed by the Hong Yi Dragon and Lion Dance troupe – this time with a modern twist – incorporating LEDs into the costume to make for a visually entertaining spectacle.


LE​D-lit lions blessing the PETRONAS ICT’s Chinese New Year 2018 Gathering.

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the lion is a ​symbol of courage, stability and superiority. So, a lion dance is performed during the festival to drive negative and evil spirits away from a household and to bring in good luck​.



The festivity then continued with another tradition, the Prosperity Toss, where members of the PETRONAS​ ICT family tossed 'Yee Sang' while wishing for a more prosperous year and celebrating what they want to see more of. After the toss, employees feasted on a sumptuous buffet.


PETRONAS ICT Leaders getting ready to toss the Yee Sang as high as they can.

In the spirit of camaraderie, the PETRONAS ICT comrades from the East Coast regional office who couldn't attend the event due to logistical reasons sent a virtual message to their colleagues.
(From left) Best Dressed Queen of the day Head of COO's Office Jenny Ong, in a cheongsam made of batik fabric with contenders Wendy Tan (Head of Strategy & Planning) and Badriah M Zain (Executive, Operations & Infra Services). On stage with them are emcees Daniel Chan and Angela Tan, and Head of Business Function-Corporate & Production Norbahiyah Awaludin.

The highlights of the event were the Best Dressed Contest and Guess Who? Game where lucky winners walked home with an ang pow filled with cash voucher each. Head of COO’s Office Jenny Ong and Head of Business-Intelligence-Business Technology Services Wong Kim Chuan scooped the Best Dressed Queen and King titles, respectively.


Head of Business Intelligence-Business Technology Services Wong Kim Chuan (right) dons a red 'changshan' which won him the Best Dressed King title. Wong receives his winning ang pao from Head of Finance and Admin Services Lim Lean Poh.


Lucky employees who won the Guess Who? Games: (Clockwise from left) Tan Hua Jin, Yee Yin Yii, Zatie Adiba M Zin, M Hanifamie Atong, Lydia Faraheeda, Suhaida Asmavi (top), Nur Syaza Shahmir (bottom), Ng Sim Eng, M Azlan Sujan (top) and Katpagaveni Kalainathan.


Special performance by PETRONAS ICT 2016 Idol's runner-up Suzieana Uda Nagu who melodiously sang the dual-language (Malay-Mandarin) 'Rindu Antara Kita'.

To close the annual gathering, PETRONAS ICT Chief Operating Officer Izwan Hasli Ibrahim surprised everyone when he gave a speech in Mandarin. Izwan commended and applauded the effort of the organising committee, which comprises staff from different departments whose involvement as committee members are voluntary, for their effort and a job well done.

GroupICT CNY2018_COO Izwan Hasli Ibrahim (Small).png

PETRONAS ICT COO Izwan Hasli Ibrahim brushes up his skill in Mandarin to give a speech in the language at the event.

Fellow PETRONAS ICT colleagues over at regional offices were not forgotten as boxes of mandarin oranges that symbolise happiness and prosperity were delivered to them in conjunction with the event.​​