Minding the Gap

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  • Article Date: 30/3/2017
In today's global marketplace, business communication skills and competency in English can act as a "key" to open doors of opportunity, a "bridge" to connect people and cultures, and "close" communication gaps.

In response to the high interest from Group ICT employees to enhance their business communication skills, Group ICT's Communications Academy was launched to spearhead a series of courses offered by British Council and provide practical platforms for practising public speaking skills at ​Toastmasters.

A pilot series on the Professional Business Communications Skills training by British Council last year saw participation from a total of 127 employees, which formed six groups.

Of those who participated, 111 successfully completed 80 per cent of class participation and course requirements.


​​Some o​f the participants receiving their certificates of completion from British Council representative, Mark Thompson.​

Professional Business Communications Skills Training by British Council

The Communications Academy will be offering a wider range of courses in 2017 to suit the varying needs of our organisation under the following taught modules:

  1. Core Sessions (Central) – A series of weekly in-session and tutorials that seek to deepen one's foundation in business communications skills and English proficiency. In contrast to the pilot series in 2016, which was restricted to nominated employees and was only run in one intake, the core sessions in Kuala Lumpur will be delivered in two intakes for 2017 and is open to all Group ICT employees, subject to approval from their department LOAs.

  2. Core Sessions (Regional) – Delivered in sessions over three months to deepen one's foundation in business communications skills and English proficiency, the sessions will be offered for the first time in the East Coast in Kertih. Trainers from British Council will specially fly into Terengganu to deliver the sessions.

  3. Masterclasses – Weekly classes for communications specialists and advanced learners to develop news and feature writing styles.

  4. Skills Boosters – Monthly sessions that will help participants speak confidently and with impact; write clearly and concisely; and deal with grammar hotspots.

  5. Leadership 1-1 Tutorials – Personalised and one-to-one coaching for senior leadership participants.



Delivered through experiential learning for those who are unable to participate in the Professional Business Communications Skills Training offered by British Council, the Communications Academy also offers the opportunity to "learn by doing" with Toastmasters International, a communication and leadership development organisation.

Toastmasters provide platforms for building public speaking and impromptu and/or extemporaneous speaking skills through the delivery of Table ​Topics™ and prepared speeches at the participant's own pace.

Group ICT will be hosting PESONA Toastmasters speech contests and fortnightly meetings within Group ICT's premises in 2017.