Leaving a Positive Footprint

  • Source: Corporate Social Investment & Philanthropy
  • Article Date: 26/2/2018

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Corporate Social Investment and Philanthropy or CSIP is important to PETRONAS and a responsibility shared by our businesses, suppliers and communities. It is reflected in our mission and is brought to life by our colleagues each day.

In 2017, as part of a long-term approach aimed at building sustainable progress, PETRONAS ICT strengthened its CSIP governance, facilitation and reporting activities by centralising it under PETRONAS ICT Strategic Communications (SC). This was the first major step to ensuring alignment of all activities and concentration of efforts to achieve a greater impact for the future.

SC also adopted the PETRONAS' CSIP framework and guidelines to better facilitate its social programmes, focusing on key areas; Education and Community. PETRONAS ICT supported seven CSIP’s activities in total last year.

Brilliant Young Minds (BYM) programme

PETRONAS ICT continued with its successful education transformation programme, Brilliant Young Minds or BYM, an eight-month long programme designed to equip secondary school students with higher order thinking skills such as analysis, creation, logical reasoning, and problem solving. Key highlights include:

  • Thirty students successfully completed the BYM programme.
  • Eighty volunteers from Group ICT facilitated the training sessions.
  • Two students won Bronze awards for the national Young Innovator's Challenge.
  • One student won third place in the Penang Science Fair.
  • Three students won Bronze awards for the Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair.
  • Thirteen students were nominated for the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation's (MDeC) Digital Ninja International Level Competitions.


Philanthropic Activities

Championed by PETRONAS ICT employees, a total of six (6) philanthropic, one-off activities focused on mentoring/educating school children about ICT in the industry were implemented last year. They include:

  1. January 2017 – An on-going joint collaboration between Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) and Business Function-Infrastructure from PETRONAS ICT to setup a Network Simulation Lab and conduct trainings for the UTP ICT team. PETRONAS ICT supplied the end-of-life network equipment, interactive learning device, and software and training.

  2. August 2017 – Field Support Services (FIRST) from East Malaysia organised educational talks to raise awareness on cyber security for students and teachers. Held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Batu, Bintulu, this initiative was aimed at imparting knowledge to over 2,000 students and its teachers while upgrading the ICT facilities at the school through the donation of 20 new computers. The team also organised a three-day coding camp for the students.

  3. September 2017 – Members of the Young Professional Club (YPC) spent a day at Rumah Kasih Harmoni in Sungai Buloh to help mentor the children for their upcoming examinations. The children received practical study advice and developed skills to help them tackle their examinations with confidence.

  4. September 2017 – Contributed RM20,000 in sponsorship towards the Orchid Run & Ride 2017 event. Over 6,500 runners and cyclists gathered at Persiaran KLCC to take part in this event that was organised by the Association of Wives and Women Staff of PETRONAS (PETRONITA). The event successfully raised over RM340,000, and proceeds were donated to the National Heart Institute (IJN), Institut Telinga Pendengaran dan Pertuturan (Institute-HEARS) and Spastic Children's Association of Selangor​​ & Federal Territory as well as for a mobile dental clinic for children with special needs.

  5. September 2017 – Thirteen FIRST East Coast staff, headed by Chief Operating Officer Izwan Hasli Ibrahim, donated RM3,740 to The Robotics Club of Sekolah Menengah IMTIAZ, Kemaman to purchase one set of Lego Mindstorm EV3. The visit comprising a motivational talk and workshop on Design Thinking helped enhance the skills and abilities of pupils at the school.


  6. November 2017 – 11 East Coast PETRONAS​​ ICT colleagues from SAS, ASM and FIRST visited students and teachers at Sekolah Rendah Pengkalan Ranggon, Kertih to conduct "ICT vs Kids: Be ICT, Be Creative!" programme. The team donated RM3,550 to upgrade the computer laboratory and organised knowledge transfer sessions.

PETRONAS​​ ICT also embarked on a community outreach "Ziar​ah" programme in conjunction with last year's Hari Raya celebration. Colleagues from across PETRONAS ICT came together to support the needy by raising funds for the less fortunate. A total of RM12,000 was raised by PETRONAS ICT colleagues including top-up donations in the form of 'duit raya'​ and food items.

Key highlights included the following:

  1. Fifteen volunteers visited six less fortunate families at PPRT Lembah Subang. Volunteers donated cash, food and goodies to the families at PPRT.


  2. Thirty-one volunteers visited the intergenerational residents of Rumah Jagaan dan Rawatan Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas. Volunteers organised a doa selamat session and broke fast with the residents.

  3. Thirty-two volunteers visited the paediatric ward of UKMMC in Cheras. The volunteers brought festive cheer to children by handing out '​duit raya' and goodie bags, as well as a cash donation to the ward.


Working together to ensure the success of our CSIP activities has cultivated good interrelationships among PETRONAS ICT employees by aligning our efforts, resources and areas of expertise. This year we have accomplished a certain height of success in our CSIP programmes and in particular BYM. In 2018, we aim to have a wider footprint and impact to our society and contribute towards nation building with the strong support from our Group ICT team.