Leadership Reflections with Nasrin Amir

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  • Article Date: 26/12/2017
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​With 26 years of experience in Finance, Project, Procurement, as well as Governance & Assurance under her belt, Nasrin Amir is the right candidate to helm the ICT Procurement (IPROC) division at PETRONAS ICT.

Nasrin began her career in PETRONAS in 1991, as an Account Executive at Gas Processing Plant (GPP1), PETRONAS Gas Berhad (PGB), Kerteh, after graduating from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Commerce. She started her journey in Procurement in late 2008, after joining Group Supply Chain Management (GSCM).

Nasrin is seconded from PETRONAS Group Procurement to PETRONAS ICT to transform the IPROC division. She is in the midst of implementing a major transformation of the governance and operations of PETRONAS ICT’s procurement, which began 1 May 2017.

The Woman for the Job

Answering the call to such a daunting task requires someone of high calibre. Nasrin is seasoned in leading teams that brave ‘unchartered waters’, having changed roles multiple times throughout her illustrious career.

After her stint in Kerteh, Nasrin requested for a transfer to several operating units in her effort to be closer to her hometown in Penang. In 2007, she moved to PETRONAS Fertilizer Kedah (PFK) where she was a manager in the Project Management division. Her first assignment was to head the Project Control Services for PFKSB’s Plant Debottlenecking Project.

In late 2008, she joined Group Supply Chain Management (GSCM) as Procurement Governance Manager where she was responsible for reviewing Upstream Tender Documents including papers for Sabah Sarawak Integrated Oil & Gas Project (SSIOGP). She was also appointed the Tender Committee Secretary for the Change Order Committee (COC) and Special Central Tender Committee (SCTC).

Her invaluable experience in projects and supply chain management led to her appointment as Senior Manager of Contract Assurance & Contractor Performance Management (CACPM) in 2010. In executing this function, she was appointed the Chairman of Contractor Performance Review Committee.

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​In July 2011, when the Contract Assurance & Contractor Performance Management (CACPM) department merged with Procurement Governance to form Procurement Governance and Assurance, Nasrin was tasked to set up and head a new section called Compliance and Assurance (C&A).

During her two years with C&A, she had successfully developed the staff to undertake and complete Assurance Review exercises with significant findings related to Pre and Post Awards.

In 2013, Nasrin joined Planning & Resource Management (PRM), GSCM as the Head of Resource Material Management. Due to her proven leadership abilities, she was selected to be a part of EXCEL Team and led the revision of PETRONAS’ Limits of Authority (LOA) - Procurement in January 2016.

Despite the time constraints, the project was implemented on 1 April 2016. Working under strict confidentiality, she managed to complete the LOA revision in time for the PETRONAS Board’s approval.

In addition to that, Nasrin served as the Head of Compliance & Assurance, Procurement Governance & Assurance, Group Procurement before she was seconded to Group ICT’s IPROC.

The Hallmarks of a Leader

Nasrin’s determination and commitment to upholding principles in governance stands her in good stead, as she spearheads the transformation of IPROC at PETRONAS ICT.

She shares her views on what makes a leader and why braving the challenging transformation journey will be “worth it in the end”.

  1. ​Challenge the Status Quo
    To achieve meaningful change, do things differently. “Start now. You cannot wait. You have to develop yourself,” she said.

  2. Take Risks
    ​“A leader needs to have courage and confidence to embrace change. Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience,” she said.

  3. Create Your Own Opportunities
    The desire to strive, take charge and make decisions are the hallmarks of a leader. “They do not wait for others to tell them what to do. If opportunity do not (come) knocking, they build a door. The moment you start doing this, is the day you become a leader,” she added.

  4. Be Responsible and Trustworthy
    You become a leader the minute you are entrusted with ‘amanah’ – an Arabic word that means responsibility and trustworthiness. Being ‘amanah’ is the most important trait a leader should have.

    “A leader should be responsible for the people reporting to them. They need to make sure everything is running smoothly and that they give guidance when necessary,” she said.

  5. Be Passionate
    Passionate leaders challenge themselves to do more for the betterment of everyone. This raises the quality of every task they perform. Passion is the difference between having a career and a job.​

A Year from Now

Nasrin applies the leadership qualities she listed above to her work in transforming the governance and operations of IPROC.

“(The team) will follow (good) governance and make sure we change. Having said that, we need to understand that change takes time and cannot be done overnight. We will not work at a slow pace, either,” she said.

She added that the mission is to close the gaps. She is confident that the division will experience maturity within a year. By then, she hopes the staff will have more confidence in their work and produce high quality results that are of equal if not higher standards than that which is upheld at Group Procurement.

“It may not be an easy task, but it will be worth it,” she added.

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