Deepavali Soiree at PETRONAS ICT

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  • Article Date: 13/11/2017


​The Festival of Lights, Deepavali, symbolises the victory of righteousness, the lifting of spiritual darkness and the awareness of inner light. On 27 October 2017, PETRONAS ICT celebrated Deepavali in a simple, yet joyful fashion.

In an organisation with a rich, multicultural environment such as PETRONAS ICT, the soiree brings together a diverse workforce around common interests and fosters networking and camaraderie. About 400 employees turned up at Wow KL Theatre Restaurant for the Deepavali Gathering.

Deepavali Celebration_12.png 

PETRONAS ICT Chief Executive Officer Redza Goh and Chief Operating Officer Izwan Hasli Ibrahim entering Wow KL Theatre Restaurant, accompanied with dhol drum beats.

The event allowed staff to get involved in creative activities outside of the office setting. For the opening gimmick, a group of employees put together an entertaining Bollywood-inspired music video, with a prelude sketch about the PETRONAS HR Leave Management app.

A scrumptious spread of all-time-favourite local Indian cuisines such as chicken tandoori, roti canai and dal curry, as well as exotic, traditional delectables such as the Northern Indianrogan josh (lamb stewed in ghee) and the Southern India soup, rasam, was served.

Deepavali Celebration_7.png 

Imran Makhdoom from Business Function (BF) Infrastructure serenaded everyone with popular Bollywood songs, Tum Hi Ho and Yeh Dil Deewana.

Deepavali Celebration_9.png

Captivating performance by dancers from Mast Millennium Dancers, an acclaimed Bollywood dance group in Malaysia.

The customary, best-dressed lady and gentleman went to Amalina Husna A Halim and Sureshan Silvarajan from Operations. Suresh donned a complete dhoti-kurta ensemble with a pair of point-tipped shoes called jutti. Meanwhile, Amalina wore a red saree with golden lace woven into the fabric with a special embroidery technique from India known as gota patti.

There is a belief among Hindu spiritual gurus that wearing dhoti-khurta, like the one donned by Sureshan, is useful in reduction of negative energy distress.
Amalina looks dazzling in this redgota patti saree.

The high point of the soiree was the presentation of Focused Recognition cards to PETRONAS ICT staff, who demonstrated the PETRONAS Cultural Beliefs.

Lily Suriyaty Azumi from ICT Procurement (IRPOC) recognised Faridah Abu Hasih from Finance Operations, Suhaila Saedan from IPROC and M Zaki M Taha from Business Function-Production (BF-PROD) for demonstrating "Results Matter" in that the team stretched their limits to provide superior results by closing 7,300 line items in outstanding purchase orders four days before the deadline of 30 September 2017. By doing this, the team established an efficient process flow to close opened POs and positively impacted the PETRONAS' R2.​

Deepavali Celebration_3.png

Left to right: Suhaili Saedan, Faridah Abu Hasih, M Zaki M Taha and Lily Suriyaty Azumi.

FRC_Lily 3 to M Zaki M Taha.PNG

Focused Recognition cards presented to Faridah Abu Hasih, Suhaila Saedan and M Zaki M Taha by Lily Suriyaty Azumi.

Doraisingam Thambyrajah from Business Functions Support–Solution Delivery Centre (BFS-SDC) recognised four young executives for demonstrating outstanding commitment, having the right attitude and owning the issues that were brought up to them in their involvement in various projects.

Deepavali Celebration_2.png 

Doraisingam Thambyrajah (right) with the young executives that have shown outstanding performance in their respective roles. The young executives are, from left, Kang Gim Ping, Shamini Ganasan, Suganti Senivasan, and Daniel Wern Zhong Jie.

Shamini Ganasan from BF–Finance was recognised for her instrumental contribution to the ‘Click View’ system, which is the key system used by Group Tax. She is now a key focal person for the system to Group Tax.

FRC_Doraisingam 5 to Shamini.png
Focused Recognition card presented to Shamini Ganasan.
Zatie Adiba M Zin from BF–Operational Excellence was recognised for driving and following up on the governance related to SAP access matters, as well as stepping up from an administrative role to a key role in the Tax Records project.

2. Focused Recognition_ Doraisingam 1.PNG

Focused Recognition card presented to Zatie Adiba.
Zulkarnaen Shamsy Asnawi from Business Function –Infrastructure, who was not present at the event, was recognised for performing beyond his scope of work to deliver the Leave Application system for the OneGST programme, as well as investigating on and successfully retrieving the lost/deleted project documentation.

2. Focused Recognition_ Doraisingam 2.PNG 

Focused Recognition card presented to M Zulkarnaen.
Suganti Senivasan from BFS-SDC who has no knowledge in SAP, developed test scripts that were critical to the OneGST programme.
FCR_Doraisingam 3 to Suganti.png 
Focused Recognition card presented to Suganti Senivasan.
Lastly, Kang Gim Pin from BFS–SDC was recognised for a job well done in monitoring and tracking of resource engagements, and helped the SDC team cut down resourcing costs substantially.​
FCR_Doraisingam 4 to Kang Gim Pin.png

Focused Recognition card presented to Kang Gim Pin.
Doraisingam congratulated the young executives for positively contributing to the successful delivery of the PETRONAS ICT growth strategies.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Izwan Hasli Ibrahim, delivered his closing speech in a mix of English and Tamil languages. He also took the opportunity to thank the organising committee members for their dedication and hard work in delivering a lively and memorable afternoon for the employees.

Deepavali Celebration_10.png 

COO Izwan Hasli playing a dhol drum, alongside a group o​f PETRONAS ICT employees at the opening ceremony.