Broadening Horizons

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  • Article Date: 22/5/2018

After years of providing first line ICT support and services to more than 40,000 PETRONAS users globally on a 24 by 7 basis, PETRONAS ICT Contact Centre (ICC) is now expanding into a business-focused, single point of contact for the entire organisation.

In the five years that I have headed the contact centre, I have seen it grow into a mature, user-oriented and service-minded institution. The results speak for itself; it has won awards (see below), surpassed industry standards and satisfied users with 120 staff who are passionate about their jobs. Combine these with the right training, quality assurance, efficient processes built on a strong infrastructure, we are now recognised as one of Malaysia’s best contact centres.


The 17th Malaysian Contact Centre 2016 Awards:
1. Open Category: The Most Innovative Technology Adoption in a Contact Centre (Under 100 seats) – Gold Award

The 18th Malaysian Contact Centre 2016 Awards:
1. Corporate Category: Best In-House Contact Centre (Under 100 seats) – Silver Award
2. Corporate Category: Best Innovative Technology Adoption Award (Open) – Merit Award
3. Individual Category: Best Contact Centre Manager (Under 100 seats) – Navdeep Chadha – Silver Award


Given ICC's potential and its desire to bring greater value to the business, ICC is expanding its scope to be the first line of support for PETRONAS. We are rebranding ourselves as PETRONAS Contact Centre (PCC) to indicate our goal to be a single point of contact for all users in the business and not restricted to the ICT domain. PCC was officially launched on 21 May 2018.

It is clear that there are many service desks in PETRONAS that do the same thing. We believe we can partner with the business to offer greater value by enhancing the service desk experience for PETRONAS users, no matter what type of business it is.

We have done this in the last two years with great results. Currently, PCC supports four main customers from PETRONAS ICT, Supplier Relationship Management, G​roup Technical Data and Financial Shared Services (FS2).​

KPOC visit.jpg 

PETRONAS Contact Centre team poses for a photo with visitors from Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company (KPOC).   

Last year's highlight was on the on-boarding of the FS2 service desk. It has been a successful integration, with improved support experience and satisfaction. The FS2 service desk is performing well. 

PCC is continuously improving its support services while enhancing the digital user experience.

We have a strong foundation, and we are ready to do more. Our door is always open to anyone who wants to visit us. We are happy to show you what we do best.

The writer, Freddy Portier is Head of Operations and PETRONAS Contact Centre.