A Tribute to Long-Service Staff

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  • Article Date: 17/1/2018


January 2018 marks my third year as a PETRONAS ICT employee. I joined the organisation as a fresh graduate and have since delivered achievements, which I am proud of, and a number of failures, which brought me close to my breaking point.
Attending PETRONAS ICT’s Majlis Sekalung Budi 2017, an award ceremony honouring 16 long-service PETRONAS ICT employees, opened my eyes to two realities: firstly, my experiences are nowhere close to what the recipients have gone through, and secondly, I still have a long way to go in my career.
Held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 14 December 2017, the event was the second long-service award ceremony organised by PETRONAS ICT. The event was graced by PETRONAS ICT Board Member Yang Mulia Ungku Haslina Ungku Tahir, PETRONAS ICT Chief Executive Officer Redza Goh and members of PETRONAS ICT's Leadership Team.
In his opening speech, Redza congratulated all the recipients for their achievements and dedication to PETRONAS ICT and PETRONAS over the years. He also thanked the recipients’ family members, who were present at the event, for their support especially during moments when precious family time had been sacrificed due to work commitments.
A tribute to the staff was presented in the form of a montage. The advice from Mohamed Izham bin Othman of Operations Delivery to the juniors in the company resonated with me the most.
“It will not be easy [with] ‘rainbows and unicorns’. It will be tough [and] the ‘sea’ [will be] rough but this is where warriors and sailors are made. [So] put your head down and go through it,” said Mohamed Izham, who celebrated his 15 years in PETRONAS ICT last year.
Lydia Faraheeda from BF Production shared her aspiration for PETRONAS ICT: “My hope is [that] we become one with the Business, standing side by side, collaborating in providing the best digital innovations to help PETRONAS achieve its objectives. That’s [when] PETRONAS ICT will truly become PETRONAS ICT.”
PETRONAS ICT’s Long Service Award 2017 Recipients
15 Years
  1. Marlinda Che Omar, Finance and Administration Services.
  2. Asmah Almunir, Finance and Administration Services.
  3. Lydia Faraheeda binti Asroff, BF Production.
  4. Mohamad Izham bin Othman, Operations.
  5. Mohamad Ali bin Khairi, Operations.
  6. Norbadariah binti Bahadon, ICT Procurement.
  7. Mohamed Azlan bin Sujan, Health, Safety and Environment.
  8. Lee Jin Yung, Account & Service Management.
  9. Asni Mazura binti Ali, Account & Service Management.
  10. Shahida binti Mohamad Ishak, BF Finance.


PETRONAS ICT Chief Executive Officer Redza Goh (centre) with recipients of the long-service awards for 15 years of service (from left) Shahida Mohamad Ishak, Asni Mazura Ali, Mohamed Azlan Sujan and Lydia Faraheeda Asrof.

20 Years
  1. Hisyam Al Rahman bin Abdul Rahman, Operations – PETRONAS Refinery and Petrochemical Corporate.
30 Years
  1. Hazia’ah binti Sahari, Operations.
  2. Wong Leh Soon, Operations.
  3. Yazid bin Shahidin, Operations – PETRONAS Refinery and Petrochemical Corporate.
  4. Azhari bin Mohamed, Operations.
  5. Alias bin Hashim, Operations.

MajlisSekalungBudi Recipients above 20 years.png
PET​RONAS ICT Board Member Yang Mulia Ungku Haslina Ungku Tahir (third from right) with recipients of the long-service awards for 20 and 30 years of service (from left) Yazid Shahidin, Hisyam Al Rahman bin Abdul Rahman, Azhari Mohamed, Wong Leh Soon and Alias Hashim.

MajlisSekalungBudi Girl Dancers.png

The Gemalai K​arma Dansa dance group kicked off the night’s entertainment with an enchanting dance performance.

MajlisSekalungBudi Saza Suzie.png

PETRONAS ICT’s 2016 Idol champion Saza Adlina M Zazali from BF Support - Change Management and first runner-up Suzieana Uda Nagu @ Uda Naguib from Strategic Communications serenaded guests with their melodious rendition of Koleksi Gemilang by Jaclyn Victor.

MajlisSekalungBudi Julia Chin.png

The evening concluded with a mesmerising violin recital by Julia Chin from BF Operational Excellence. She performed two Malay songs titled Sedetik Lebih by Anuar Zain and Bukan Cinta Biasa by Siti Nurhaliza as well as an evergreen English song, My Way by Frank Sinatra.

Congratulations to all the award recipients on reaching this important milestone in their careers. May they have many more years of great achievements in the future.