A Toast to the Winners

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  • Article Date: 2/2/2017

Each year, thousands of Toastmasters International members from various parts of the world compete in Toastmasters speech competitions. Contestants would have to succeed at club-level contests, before getting an opportunity to represent their clubs at the area, division and district levels.

PESONA Toastmasters Club's first joint International Speech and Table Topics™ (ISTT) contests with MISC Toastmasters Club was hosted by PETRONAS Group ICT on 15 February 2017.

The 2017 ISTT contests held at the Dining Hall at Level 41 of Tower 1, saw 13 Toastmasters vie for the winning titles. The event was attended by some 60 guests comprising members of the PESONA, MISC, AIA and Maxis Toastmasters Club, as well employees of PETRONAS.

The purpose of the International Speech contests as defined by Toastmasters International are:
  • To provide an opportunity for speakers to improve their speaking abilities and to recognise the best as encouragement to all.
  • To provide an opportunity to learn by observing the more proficient speakers, who have benefited from their Toastmasters training.

PESONA Toastmasters Club’s 2017 International Speech contest champion, M Yazid Ismail, warmed the hearts of the judges when he took the audience on an emotional journey with “Let It Go”, as he shared about the difficulties that he and his wife faced in trying to conceive a child.

Meanwhile, Toastmaster Madhusudan took the 2017 International Speech champion title for MISC Toastmasters Club with his speech, “Mums Know Best”. Madhusudan regaled the audience with his amusing reflections on his experience of being robbed in India, and how his mother took control of the situation.

PESONA Toastmasters Club’s 2017 International Speech Contest Results

  • Champion: M Yazid B Ismail - "Let It Go."
  • First Runner-Up: Nazaruddin B Abdullah – “The Boy is a Monkey or a Cow?”

MISC Toastmasters Club's 2017 International Speech Contest Results

  • Champion: Madhusudan Devarajan – "Mums Know Best."
  • First Runner-Up: Mohd Azree B Amrun – "Journey."

Ailina Razali from MISC Toastmasters presents trophies to PESONA Toastmasters speakers M Yazid B Ismail (far left), Nazaruddin B Abdullah (centre) and M Shahril Majid (right).

Toastmasters' Table Topics™ contests are organised around the world with the following objectives to: 

  • Provide an opportunity to learn by observing the more proficient speakers, who have benefited from their Toastmasters training.
  • Encourage development of impromptu and/or extemporaneous speaking skills and to recognise the best as encouragement to all.
In the Table Topics™ contest, contenders from PESONA Toastmasters were given the random topic "Love Never Fails", while those from MISC Toastmasters had to expound on how "Time is More Valuable than Money".

M Shahril Majid, the 2017 Table Topics™ champion for PESONA Toastmasters, took a slightly humorous approach to the topic by speaking about being an engineer and single.

Meanwhile, MISC Toastmasters' 2017 Table Topics™ champion Charanjit Kaur, who is a parent, elaborated on the virtues of spending more time loving and caring for your children than focusing on earning a living.

PESONA Toastmasters Club's 2017 Table Topics™ Contest Results:
Champion: M Shahril Majid
First Runner-Up: M Yazid B Ismail
Second Runner-Up: Heng Jing Yi

MISC Toastmasters Club's Table Topics Contest Results:
Champion: Charanjit Kaur
First Runner-Up: Joyce Lim Ai May
Second Runner-Up: Mohd Azree B Amrun

Nazaruddin B Abdullah from PESONA Toastmasters (centre) presents trophies to Charanjit Kaur (left) and Madhusudan Devarajan (right).

The panel of judges was led by Past District 51 Governor, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Ramdas Nayar, and the contests were jointly-chaired by Cheryl Ann Tan Kim Hwa from PESONA Toastmasters and Ailina Razali from MISC Toastmasters.

​The next stop for club champions from both clubs will be the Area P6 Toastmasters’ 2017 ISTT Contests. Area champions will move up to compete at division contests, and only Division champions will have the opportunity to take a spot in the national finals - the District 51 2017 ISTT Contests, slated to be held in Penang at the end of April.

2017’s National/District International Speech champion will represent Malaysia on behalf of District 51 Toastmasters, at the 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking, to be held in Vancouver, Canada, in August 2017.

PETRONAS Group ICT is the host for PESONA Toastmasters’ meetings in 2017, an initiative by Group ICT’s Communications Academy to upskill its employees' verbal communication and leadership skills, whilst serving as a platform for bridging cross-organisation learning.

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