A Klasik-al Raya

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  • Article Date: 11/10/2017

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Group ICT's Hari Raya Aidilfitri Gathering 2017 was a fête, a day of celebration, abundant with entertainment and food. The event brought the Group ICT employees together in festive spirit, fostering stronger ties as they enjoyed the festivity.

Nearly 800 Group ICT employees attended the event themed 'Klasik Raya' that was held at Saloma Bistro and Theatre, Kuala Lumpur. Employees dressed in traditional Malay garbs thronged the event hall – the women in colourful and exquisite baju kurung and kebaya, while the men clad in baju Melayusongkok and sampin.​

Some went the extra mile, donning the full traditional baju Melayu regalia made from songket fabric, paired with the headgear, tengkolok, and a keris (a type of dagger), reminiscent of the 15th century Hang Tuah era.

Siti Fatimah Ismail from Human Resource and Syed Abd Kadir Apili Syed Mohamad from Operations and Infrastructure Support Services (OISS) bagged the title of Kesuma Anggun and Arjuna Tampan respectively, in the best-dressed competition.​

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The celebration kicked off with a spectacular entrance by PETRONAS ICT Chief Executive Officer Redza Goh on a scooter whilst playing a role in a comedy sketch.

The launch gambit was a sketch about a mother of three grown children who missed her eldest son dearly as he had not returned home since leaving their village to work in the city over five years ago. Along with her two daughters, they longed for her eldest child to return and celebrate Aidilfitri with them. The family's wish became a reality when the son (in the form of CEO Redza), surprised them with his homecoming, just in time for the celebration.

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The comedic skit tugged at the audience’s heartstrings, reminding them of a mother’s unconditional love through a hilarious and entertaining performance.
The masters of ceremonies, Hafezza M Anafiah from Group Information Security and Risk Management (GISRM) and Azizul Rahman M Ghazali from Account and Service Management (ASM), delighted employees with classical Malay pantun (poems) and an enthusiastic spirit.

The employees were feted with scrumptious Aidilfitri staple food such as ketupat, nasi himpit, rendang, satay, roast lamb, curry noodle, cendol and murtabak.

They were also serenaded with classic Raya songs performed by Nurul Nabilah Azhar from Business Function Support-Enterprise Project Management Office, Mohd Nizam Mohd Yusof from ICT Procurement, Ahmad Radhi A Manaf from ASM and M Azim B Omar from Business Function-Production. Returning performers Gemalai Qarma Dansa, who previously performed at Group ICT's Majlis Sekalung Budi last year, also entertained the employees.

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Employees enjoying a traditional game called Lari Terompah Tempurung – running on ‘clogs’ made of coconut shells tied to strings to hang on to

Finally, towards the end of the event, Chief Operating Officer Izwan Hasli M Ibrahim gave his closing remarks and presented Focused ​Recognition cards to interns Ilya Rohaizad and Nurul Atiqah Kamaruzaman, both from OISS, for their excellent work in designing the Klasik Raya posters.